MOVENTUR is an independent
limited-production Scandinavian watch company.

We aim to make functional tool watches that does something useful other than simply telling the time.

Our watches are for the ones who are born with that special adventurous gene that makes them curios on life and doesn’t let their fear stop them from trying out new and exciting things.


Michael Robert
Founder/Designer MOVENTUR WATCHES.

Michael Robert is educated at the Danish School of Design. He started his creative career in advertising and later co-founded the most creative advertising agency in Denmark. Michael has won prestigious creative awards at advertising award shows around the world. In 2020 he founded MOVENTUR watches.

Christian Robert

Partner/Creative director MOVENTUR WATCHES.

Christian is an Art Director/ graphic designer who loves to spot new trends in fashion and design. Christian Robert is educated in fashion retail and has worked in several fashion brands stores in Copenhagen. Christian joined MOVENTUR watches as a partner in 2021.


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