Our DRIVE editions are functional tool watches
made for people who love driving.

Those who love hitting the highway or the small curvy roads for a cruise with no destination in mind just to explore the freedom, sound and speed you can only experience driving.


All our MOVENTUR DRIVE editions are equipped with a specially designed and functional revolving watch case that enables drivers to rotate the watch for better reading when holding onto a steering wheel while driving.

Enjoy the ride


MOVENTUR Drive watches uses two kind of fluorescent print. Indexes and numbers are printed with white luminous that has a turquoise glow in the dark.

The hour, minute and second hand are printed with Swiss Super-LumiNova® Orange luminous that glows orange in the dark.


MOVENTUR watches are delivered in a custom made matte black high quality wooden box. The inner has grey PU leather upholstery.

Underneath the inner display, you will find a small room containing a screwdriver for attaching our leather watch straps. This is also where we will place any extra straps you might order


The stainless steel case design of our watches are inspired by classic vintage gauges and instruments designed to be attached to a dashboard or a wall.

We found that the classic wide metal base of these vintage gauges and instruments could work as a more ergonomic case for our watches as well as serve as a crown protector.


In our design process, we made several 3D printed full scale watch models to get a feel of the overall look and test and refine our special designed revolving watch case idea.

One other area we focused on was the design of the case back and the lugs lengths.

We aimed to design the case back and lugs to be ergonomically rounded in the shape of a wrist. Furthermore, we lowered the screw on case back plate so it can’t be felt making the watch more comfortable to wear with both nylon or leather straps.


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